Election 2020: The Interviews VOMB and Salinas Underground

Voices of Monterey Bay and Salinas Underground Podcast have joined forces to present candid interviews with Salinas City Council and Monterey County Board of Supervisors candidates prior to the Nov. 3 election. In this unique collaboration, VOMB’s Claudia Meléndez Salinas and Oz Lucero, founder of the Salinas Underground Podcast gather with candidates to ask them about their vision of Salinas and Monterey County.

Not included in the series will be Salinas Councilman Scott Davis. The incumbent said he is unable to set aside time for the podcast.

Ray Montemayor, candidate for Salinas City Council

Mike Lipe for Salinas Mayor

Ernesto Gonzalez for Salinas Mayor

Wes White for Salinas Mayor

Mars Rocamora Jr. for Salinas City Council, District 6

Orlando Osornio, candidate for City Council

Vanessa Robinson, candidate for City Council

Kimbley Craig, candidate for Salinas mayor

Chris Barrera, candidate for Salinas mayor

Steve McShane, candidate for Monterey County supervisor

Wendy Root Askew, candidate for Monterey County supervisor

Carla Gonzalez, candidate for Salinas City Council

Anthony Rocha, candidate for Salinas City Council

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