Your Voices How to send letters to the editors

Voices of Monterey Bay welcomes your comments. We want to hear what you think about our stories, or anything else that’s happening in your community. But we’re old school. We insist that you tell us who you are if you expect us to run your opinion. You’ll notice that we don’t have  comments sections on our pages. We believe anonymous comments are useless, especially if the honest exchange of ideas is meant to develop truth and understanding in a civil society. Allowing anonymity in public discourse only provides a platform for artless ranters and trolls. We believe that no opinion or comment is worth expressing unless the “opinionator” is willing to attach his/her name to it.
So if you’ve got something to say, send us a letter or shoot us an email. Be sure to include your name, your hometown and your phone number (we will not publish the phone number). If your letter isn’t outrageous BS and/or blatantly slanderous, we’ll be happy to publish it on this page. Like we mentioned, we’re old school that way.
Mail your written letter to P.O. Box 547, Salinas CA 93902 or email us at