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Voices of Monterey Bay is a not-for-profit bilingual news organization serving Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. It was launched in 2017 by veteran local journalists who believe the region needs a new journalistic vision, while providing a central location for people who have been ignored by the traditional media to express themselves or to report news from their neighborhoods.

VOMB will concentrate on investigative reports and dynamic storytelling. It will also a platform to Monterey Bay residents that have not been given the opportunity to speak to issues that concern them.

Uniquely, VOMB includes an instructional initiative that will include ongoing journalism training by veteran reporters and editors. The training will be available free to interested adults and youth, with the expectation that the work they produce will be featured here.

Our Mission: To cast light on the important issues that shape Monterey Bay with engaging news and investigation delivered from multiple platforms. To bridge cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic gaps through investigative reporting and engaging and nuanced storytelling.

Our Funding: As a not-for-profit organization, Voices of Monterey Bay has obtained temporary fiscal sponsorship and nonprofit status under the Institute for Nonprofit News. We are also funded by individual members, major charitable gifts, foundations and community partnerships. We depend on these contributions to continue our mission, and individual contributions to VOMB are tax deductible under IRS’s 501(c)(3) regulation.

Our Organization: 
Receiving independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit status is a priority of VOMB’s founders. Until then, the operations of VOMB will be administered by its core staff, including Julie Reynolds Martinez, Mary Duan of Salinas and Joe Livernois of Monterey. Our colleague Marcos Cabrera put together 2017’s youth media training program.

Our Advisory Committee: Voices of Monterey Bay has benefitted from the kind advice and support of many people in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. See our advisory board here.

Our Financial Support: In the interest of transparency and to avoid the appearance of conflict, Voices of Monterey Bay will list its donors online.

Voices launched with the help of two contributions of a combined $15,000 from Tony Dann, a businessman from Carmel Valley, and from Morley Brown and Ron Weitzman, philanthropists and activists from Carmel Valley.

Since then, contributions include:

$1,000 — Julie Engell, Chuck Messenger, Gillian Neumeier, Andrea Duan, Joe and Loma Livernois, Mary Duan.
$500 to $999 —
Larry Parsons, Penelope Karas Lockhart (in memory of Sam and Edie Karas), Michael Beck, Eric and Carol Lee Petersen, Bill Maxfield
$101 to $499 — John Speyer and Consuelo Alba Speyer, Susan Meister, Lanny Larson, Liz and Marty Raptis Picco, Robert Danziger, Michael Fitzsimmons, 1 anonymous.
$10 to $100 — Robert Evans, Karl Pallastrini, Kathryn Ramirez, Juan Uranga and Anna Caballero, Libby and Wayne Downey, Carol Hogeboom, Dan Laidman, Spencer Critchley, Susan Rosen, Bev Kreps, Amy Kennedy, Maureen Lavengood, John Ittelson, Vera Cordova, J. David Myers, Alice A. Green, Anne and Bob Herendeen, Marjorie Kay, William Rothschild, Dominic Dursa, Patricia Lerman, David J. Gordon, Jennifer Smith, Hugo Ferlito, Joanne Kelly, Cameron Torgenrud, Cristina Medina Dirksen, Mary Adams, Kristina Baer, Timothy Smith, Douglas Wenger, Amy Anderson, Karin Strasser Kauffman, Susan Erickson, Kathleen Davis, Bernard Cook, John Ittelson, Jim and Julie Cunanan, Sherrie and Barry Amundsen, Leslie Austin, Gary Green, Virginia Gagne, John Livernois, Maria Gaura, Peter Hiller, Beverly Bean, Luana Conley, Steuart Samuels, Wild Ridge Organics, Claudia Melendez, Joseph Rodriguez, Carol Weesner, Robert Gotch, Linda Franklin, Frank Calamia, Susan Rochelle, Julie Tucker, John Pearse, Judy Karas, Jason Reed, Ed Mellinger, Robert Mulford, Richard Johnson, Barbara Moore, Michael Skoien, Elizabeth Nolan, Betsy Buchalter Adler, Sue Cross, Michael Wellborn, Celia Sigmon, Jason Warburg, Kathy Lampkin, Fernando Hernandez, Victoria Manley Thompson, Helga Fellay, William Rawson, Margie McCurry, Deborah Christie, Cindy Davis, Jesse Herrera, Anna Lowery, Steve Howell, Patricia Marshall, Jeffrey Whitmore, Arnold and Marianne Owens, Andrew Kreyche, Jane Haines, Lynne Yaghoubian, Peggy Schmidt, Myrleen Fisher, Betsy Galbreath, Janjaap Photography, Judith Archibald, Jeremy Woodward, Sandra K. Nisley-Leader, Louise Berry, Nadine Semer, Hidden Treasures Monterey, Douglas Kasunich, Barbara Simpson, Nancy Harray, P. Clapp, Kathryn Nichols, Phillip Molnar, 19 anonymous.