A History of Scandal A Collection of Voices of Monterey Bay's Continuing Coverage of issues within the Monterey County Sheriff's Office


Investigative reporter Royal Calkins has been uncovering critical information about the operations, scandals and behavior of employees at the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office since early 2020. The following are the highlight stories he has produced for Voices of Monterey Bay:

Another Scandal at the Jail

Monterey County stops paying legal fees for sheriff’s top brass

Justice Delayed

Bernal Supporter Hired to Probe Case Connected to Bernal

County Supes File State Complaint Against Monterey County Sheriff

Domestic Violence Protocols Not Always Followed

Monterey County sheriff rebuked for ignoring spending laws

DA’s Office finds Monterey County Sheriff’s Office broke the law but really didn’t mean to

Secret Monterey County inquiry clears sheriff of one thing or another

State agency to investigate Monterey County Counsel’s Office and Sheriff’s Department

Monterey County sheriff accused of serial affairs with subordinates

Why are taxpayers paying for political slime job?

SWAT Team Party Got Out of Hand

Sheriff under scrutiny for using deputies to staff private events

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About Royal Calkins

Contributing writer Royal Calkins has worked for newspapers in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Fresno. He can be reached at calkinsroyal@gmail.com.

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