Chrislock: Miller is Seriously Confused

Dan Miller made a number of false accusations in his recent letter to the editor. He seems to be confusing Public Water Now and Pure Water Monterey. Hard to take him seriously when he arrogantly accuses me of some imagined wrongdoing, but doesn’t even know the difference between the two.

Tax dollars? Check your facts Dan. Public Water Now has nothing to do with tax dollars. We are funded by private donations.

Dan wrote, “A group that changed their own name to something to brainwash you into thinking the water they will produce is pure?” Really?

Public Water Now has never changed its name. We are a non-profit citizens organization. Yes, we support Pure Water Monterey as the best option for water supply, but we are in no way responsible for it.

Pure Water Monterey is the project of Monterey One Water, a public agency responsible for wastewater collection for most of the Peninsula and Salinas.

Dan needs to check his Facebook messages. I did respond to his question on June 23rd.  His question implied that if agricultural wastewater had never been used in recycling for groundwater replenishment it could not be done safely.

I replied to several of Dan’s posts questioning the safety of Pure Water Monterey. This was my final answer.  “I don’t know if anyone else is recycling agricultural wastewater. It’s only about 16% of the wastewater that is used for Pure Water Monterey. Just because this may be the first time it’s been used doesn’t make it dangerous. This water is tested all the time. It’s tested after purification before it is injected into the groundwater. It would not be injected if toxins like pesticides were found.  The standards are very strict. It has to meet drinking water standards. You can contact Mike McCullough at Monterey One Water if you want more details.”

He must not have seen the answer or maybe just wanted to continue ranting. I don’t allow our Facebook page to be a soap box to trash Pure Water Monterey or Public Water Now. My policy is in keeping with Facebook policy that allows a page to delete comments and ban detractors.

Dan, you may never have had a problem signing your name, but one wonders what you’ve been signing your name to.

Melodie Chrislock
Managing Director, Public Water Now


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