Miller: Chrislock and Pure Water Now are irresponsive

The problem with letters, rather than a comment section, is that there is a lag time when a piece is out there without comment. I felt compelled to write concerning Melodie Chrislock’s opinion dealing with her continued push for all of us to drink recycled sewage and ag water.

Recently she has launched a campaign, using our tax dollars, on Facebook pushing her views on this subject.  When I asked a simple question “could you supply a link to a single article that shows that this method has ever worked anywhere else,” I was ignored.  When I posted “I’m still waiting,” I was still ignored.  The second time I posted it she finally answered, basically writing “I can talk to you about this if you’d like” without any link.

My reply was that It was a little tough supporting her argument that we should just trust them when they are way over budget, are way past their deadline, have created sinkholes and have a contractor that did such a poor job on a project in Pacific Grove that the City Manager has told me they would never contract with them again. (This was a project that was basically next to my house for about six months, ruined my lengthy sidewalk, busted water mains, caused cracks in my house and went numerous months over their deadline, then sued the city as if it was their problem.)

Ms. Chrislock’s reply?  She took down every one of my posts and closed down public comment. This with a posting paid for by the public. Probably a violation of the FPPC. She did, however, leave up other posts, including one that was very complimentary from her husband, who you wouldn’t know is her husband because he is a PR guy that has a different name. This is the group we are supposed to trust?  A group that changed their own name to something t0 brainwash you into thinking the water they will produce is pure?

In full closure I have been an outspoken proponent of the People’s Desal Project in Moss Landing in the past.

I, of course, have never had a problem signing my name.

Daniel Miller
Pacific Grove

Miller is a former Pacific Grove city councilman and a city planning commissioner


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