NORML California: Tainted cannabis vape products not being sold in state-legal stores

While Cannabis Corner is right to warn readers of the dangers of illegal vape products containing Vitamin E acetate, there’s no indication that any of these have been sold in state-legal stores.
According to the state Bureau of Cannabis Control, not a single case of EVALI has been traced to a California-regulated product.  The confusion stems from the fact that the  the CDC reported that 16 percent of vape disease cases stemmed from “commercial” sources.  However, the CDC defined “commercial” without regards to legality so as to include illegal dispensaries, pop-up shops, smoke shops, etc.
At last report,  illegal pot outlets still outnumbered legal ones by over two to one in California.  In many cases, customers can’t tell the difference.  This is especially true in the LA area, which has been a distribution center of tainted vape products to the underground market. Consumers should certainly beware (of) illicit vape products, but safe products remain available from reputable state-licensed manufacturers.
Dale Gieringer
Director, California NORML

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