Natividad Releases Spanish Website

SALINAS, Calif. (June 21, 2019) — Natividad has launched, a Spanish language website for Monterey County residents.

In 2018, Natividad performed 70,990 Spanish interpretations for patients and their families.  “Natividad felt it was necessary to offer a mirrored Spanish language website to better serve our patients,” said Natividad’s CEO Dr. Gary Gray. “It just makes sense to have our information be easily accessible and understandable.”

The website is a resource for the community. It features stories about health, wellness and education. It also hosts an online physician directory so patients or their referring doctors can search medical staff by name, specialty, language and gender. Users can get directions and information for Natividad and clinic. Through the Patient Portal, patients can access medical records and information.

“Translating our website from English to Spanish was a monumental job,” explained Natividad Interpreter Services Manager Victor Sosa. “It’s not just translated, but also localized for our area and region’s dialect. We went the extra mile to translate from English to Spanish in a way that’s intuitive and easier to understand.”

Natividad offers professional interpreter services at no cost to its patients and their families. Services include in-person, telephone and video interpretations. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any patient who needs it.

“We were very mindful to carry over all of the content to the Spanish site and ensure that it was easily understood. This is different from online translating services, like Google Translate. These automated services don’t localize translations and often contain many errors,” Sosa said. “When you translate from English into any language, you’re not just translating words, you’re translating meaning.”

To see the Spanish website, visit The English website is


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