McGibney: Highway 1 toll idea should be reconsidered

Years ago, Ansel Adams and Leon Panetta discussed a detailed plan to have toll booths on Highway 1 entering Big Sur. It turns out the property owners and some businesses were vehemently opposed — but that was years ago.

Like Yosemite, Big Sur is loved to death by tourists but unlike Yosemite it has no controls to protect it, like toll booths. It is now mandatory that this control mechanism be implemented. A toll booth at Malpaso Creek going south and on just north of Ragged Point going north.

Like Pebble Beach, land owners could receive a pass for a nominal fee and a yearly pass could be purchased by frequent visitors like surfers, hikers etc., living in Monterey or San Luis counties. Big Sur would have to become National Seashore or State Park, but this will happen and happen soon it must.

Patrick McGibney
San Luis Obispo


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