Will Gibson: Amazon’s Meat Counter Ad

As a long time vegetarian and, more importantly, as a climate advocate, Whole Foods’ recent tv ad where a vegan suddenly surprises his friend by ordering three pounds plus of beef bugs me. It doesn’t seem plausible on the surface and may be promoting bad food practices underneath.

Trying to entice people to consume more meat in an increasing time of climate crisis isn’t what is needed. Animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas emissions after fossil fuels and a leading cause of deforestation, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

I would like much more to see Jeff Bezos use his skills at Whole Foods gleaned from his work at Amazon to make more sustainable and healthy marketplaces available to larger portions of the population and at lower prices. Since Bezos bought the chain, prices have dropped by only 0.8%

Another area where the new Whole Foods could make a difference is with Amazon’s Prime rollout in ten large cities offering delivery. If prices could be lowered and brought to your door, Bezos would be providing a great service to inner cities, helping to wipe out the food deserts.

Will Gibson
Pacific Grove


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