Bill Hood: Op-ed author’s intent questioned

Isn’t it strange that few in the media, if any, are focusing on who the author(s) is/are and not raising certain questions about the author(s) of the piece their intent and  timing of submitting the Op-Ed for publication?

The questions include:
1.  The information in the Op-Ed was already public.   If that is true, what was the intent of the author(s) in writing the piece and taking steps to have it published immediately?
2.   Why did the author(s), said to be WH insiders, seek out the New York Times, the king of liberal newspapers for publication, and what caused the Times to publish it?
3.   Why did the author(s) demand to remain anonymous?
4.    Why did the author(s) connected with the Times at the moment that they did, when the problems described were of long standing?
5.    Given the above, what were the author(s) intent and hoped-for result?
The answers seems to be simple and almost completely overlooked.
If a group wrote the Op-Ed, one of them, in a senior position, well-known, intelligent with long-time access to Trump contacted the Times and was able to convince the paper to publish the piece, because of his/her position and the information in it was consistent with what the Times and many others know, and because it does claim that there are a number of insiders working to off-set Trump’s vagaries that threaten the country. Anonymity was also accepted by the Times because the person doesn’t want to lose his/her position.
The group also knew that the anonymity would cause a frenzy among the media, fueled by deliberate fake threats by Trump and others that the gutless person(s) must be investigated and live with the consequences.
The timing of the Op-Ed was cleverly conceived because such timing was demanded in order to have the best results to meet what was intended by the piece in the first-place:   The intent was to cause a major distraction; fuel up the base by creating a serious anti-Trump piece by no less than a gutless, cowardly person, published no less than in the world’s worst source of fake news.   Trumps and Republicans needed this urgent distraction  by fueling the based to such a degree that it will stop the Blue Wave, a threat to continued Republican control..  At the same time, anti-Trump media is bolstered by Woodward’s book, by the toxic Kavanaugh hearings, by Trump’s continued ego-centric, erroneous and un-Presidential actions and tweets.    Something  had to be done to minimize the coverage of those actions as well because they are also helping the Blue Wave’s momentum.
If those results were not the intent, then there is no good reason for the timing of its publication  the newspaper selected to publish, and the necessity to retain anonymity   If the results are the intent, why is the media spending so much time identifying who wrote it?    In doing so, they are falling for the “hoax” that the author’s had hoped for.
Bill Hood

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