Maria Rose Randazzo: Legal Residents Don’t Value Work Ethic

I just read your interesting article (Empty Kitchens, April 3) about staffing problems in the restaurant business. Understandable, the problem is made worst by immigration enforcement but there was nothing mentioned about the attitude of legal workers who feel doing a real job is too hard.

I lived and worked in California for 10 years and to find workers who did the job properly and also showed up for work regularly was a hassle. There’s no work ethic in our young because they have been taught from a young age to expect to not do “menial work.” No value was given to earning a living by hard work.

As far as the immigration problem, people like those discussed in article should be given a plan of action to become citizens, since they obviously have made this their home. Thanks for listening.

Maria Rose Randazzo
Yonkers, N.Y.


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