Karl Pallastrini: Voices is Fine, But It’s No Partisan

There is no question that the format for Voices has presented the community with considered and well-written articles on a variety of issues. Issues that are seldom addressed by the local newspapers, save the Weekly, which does vet salient news with solid investigative journalism.

Bill Hood hit the nail on the head with his post. What many of us miss is the direct, from the heart interchange between those that post articles and those that read them. True that many of the participants were “regulars” on the blog…but that was more than half of the fun.

Many of us get the fact that Royal (Calkins) could not continue running his mom and pop operation, especially considering the time involved and lack of any serious remuneration. Having said that, we lost a treasure with the passing of the Partisan, a truly unique and genuine voice with the purpose of bringing the issues to the forefront, and more importantly, the exchange of perspectives from all who participated. I will emphasize the word “exchange.” Voices, as good as you are, you are not the Partisan.

Karl Pallastrini


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