Erin Green: Cannabis Regulations Unfair to Small Purveyors

My name is Erin. I just read your article about the manufacturing team in Monterey and their frustration about the regulations. I am in the same exact situation. In 2016 I discovered THCa after a back surgery for severe spinal stenosis and then a subsequent diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The last time marijuana was in my life was high school. This time it helped me write my name and turn the car steering wheel again so I could go to the store. I started my company because I felt, and feel, it’s my duty to help give others the option of THCa because it’s not out there in the market. (THCa is not psychoactive and is an amazing anti inflammatory and pain reliever).

I’m currently trying to find a fulfillment company to outsource my products now until I have the money to do what the state is asking. To speed up the process I plan to build my brands presence as much as possible which I hope will increase sales. I’m wondering if teaming up with people like the ones in your article might be a good solution?

I’m by myself in this and I’ve come this far, it seems so unfair to give away my company for the funds just to get the license.

Thank you for your time,
Erin Green


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