Cannabis Advocates to Discuss Future in Santa Cruz

A public meeting on the future of cannabis in the County of Santa Cruz will be held Wednesday evening, January 24 at the Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz beginning at 7 pm.

The event is co-hosted by a variety of local advocacy organizations (Cannabis Advocates Alliance, WAMM, The SC Veterans Alliance, and GreenTrade) interested in the adoption of local regulations that preserve, protect and foster the rich heritage and vibrant economic activity associated with cannabis in Santa Cruz.

An assortment of stakeholders including elected officials, local regulators, and neighborhood and environmental groups have been invited to participate.

“Our hope is that the end of prohibition will allow for a positive and productive future where Santa Cruz can assume a leadership role in both the crafting of regulations and the evolution of the state marketplace.” said Jim Coffis, GreenTrade Deputy Director.  “A lot is at stake and Santa Cruz, with our rich legacy and tradition, can and should set an example for the rest of the state and the nation.”

Two panel discussions will be held; one focused on business challenges and the other on consumer/patient access.  Confirmed participants to date include: Valerie Corral, WAMM; Jeff Nordhall, Jade Nectar; Khalil Moutawakkil, Kind Peoples; Eric Shedlarski, GrowBiz; Paula Walter, Kind Medicine; Seth Smith, SC Veterans Alliance; and Kyle Giorchino, TreeHouse.  More are expected to be added.  Admission is free.


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