Curt Chaffee: STRs an Excuse to Ignore Rules

As a condo owner and board member of a local HOA, I have been dealing with this issue for the last two years. In my experience, there are two issues that consistently stand out regarding short term rentals:

The first is that homeowners and tenants who use their space for short term rentals seem clueless as to the city codes, HOA rules and regulations, etc. that prohibit such activity. They seem to be conveniently disinterested in determining if it is allowed in their neighborhood or community. And this attitude does not bode well for any future accountability or responsibility should a problem arise.

Then there is the issue of zoning. Zoning laws or rules exist for very good reasons. Residential neighborhoods are protected from individuals who would otherwise demolish a home and put up a nail salon. Admittedly on a smaller scale, why should it be possible for a person to circumvent zoning laws by running what is essentially a small hotel? We had a unit on our property that would have guests arrive for a few days and then a maid service show up to clean for the next guests.

In today’s capitalism-driven, “every man woman and child for themselves” economy, there is ever increasing pressure to set aside or ignore the rules and regulations that have been put in place over the decades for good reason. If we succumb to this pressure, our standard of living, already in peril, will fall to that of a third world country.

Curt Chaffee


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