FAQs About Partner Voices

What is Partner Voices?

Partner Voices is the best way for nonprofits to promote their services through Voices of Monterey Bay. We believe traditional display promotions do not allow organizations to go very deep with their stories. So we created this format where nonprofit organizations can promote their work. Either the nonprofit or a sponsor pays for these promotions and controls their messaging. The business or philanthropist paying for each promotion will be clearly indicated on each Partner Promo.

Voices of Monterey Bay supplies the writer, who prepares promotional pieces at the direction of the nonprofit organizations and/or their sponsors.

Partner Voices is simply a chance for nonprofits and the people who support them to explain why they do what they do beyond just display advertisements.

Who writes the Partner Promos in the Partner Voices section?

Voices of Monterey Bay’s development department has developed this way to promote nonprofits using the storytelling power of the internet. The development team produces Partner Voices and they are not editorial products of Voices of Monterey Bay’s journalists.

Will Partner Voices sponsors/underwriters affect VOMB editorial decisions?

These are just, in essence, longer promotional messages. They are not editorial products.

In keeping with VOMB’s organizational transparency, all community partners that support Partner Voices will be displayed as paid sponsors. VOMB promotes Partner Voices pieces in a clearly defined section of the VOMB website, and they do not show as stories in our story feed.

For content to be published on the Partner Voices website, it must meet the established VOMB criteria.

  1. Partner Voices is a place where local nonprofit organizations can tell their stories and raise awareness. We employ a unique storytelling technique and may work to revise some submissions to protect the Partner Voices look and feel.
  2. Content should be interesting and showcase opportunities for Monterey Bay Area residents to get involved.
  3. Content should avoid making boastful claims or casting dispersions on other businesses and organizations.
  4. Partner Voices shall not be a hub for sales pitches, press releases and classifieds.

How can I help an organization be featured on Partner Voices?

For more information about Partner Voices, please contact Joe Livernois at joe@vomb.org.