Hospice presents Día de los Muertos Hijos del Sol Arts Production at Hartnell College this week

Hospice Giving Foundation is pleased to announce that Hijos del Sol Arts Productions will be preparing the ‘Ofrenda Mayor’ (Great Offering) for the Día de los Muertos event this Wednesday, November 2, 2022, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in La Plaza (Quad) and the Student Center at Hartnell College at 411 Central Avenue in Salinas. Parking will be free to all guests on November 1 and 2.

“Día de los Muertos is an event that can teach us how to honor and celebrate those we love who have died; our society is not always good about accepting death,” said Siobhan Greene, President/CEO of Hospice Giving Foundation. “This event provides a beautiful and tradition-filled way to learn to accept death, to demonstrate the deep love for those no longer in our physical world, and to share that love with our community.”

The ‘great offering’ in the Day of the Dead tradition is an altar built in the spirit of remembrance. Community members honor their deceased with a larger offering and come together to support their communities. The greater offering is placed in the center of the main square so that everyone can share the same egalitarian sentiment.

“Join Hijos del Sol and be part of the grand offering, bring your memories, share

emotions and enjoy each other’s company on All Souls’ Day,” said José Ortiz, founder and instructor of Hijos del Sol Arts Productions. “Let’s see how magic enchants when all mortals come together to commemorate the lives of deceased family and friends and contemplate our contemporary life.” 

New this year! The festivities will begin on Tuesday, November 1, with arts and crafts workshops from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in Hartnell College’s Student Center. Hijos del Sol Arts Productions, Hartnell College, and the Mexican General Consulate in San José will lead guests of all ages in the creation of skulls, masks, paper flags, paper flowers, altarpieces, sugar skulls, and other items.

Music will also be present. Gabriela Sepúlveda, Mariachi Hermanos Muratalla, Los Lupeños de San José, and Tonatiuh “Danzantes del Quinto Sol,” will be among the artists performing at this very special event on Wednesday.

To learn more information about the Second Annual Día de Los Muertos event, go to https://hospicegiving.org/dayofthedead/

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