Miller: Supporting reform to redistricting process


As we voters get ready to mark our ballots, some of the races will be in new or realigned districts.  I concur with the recommendations for the next redistricting cycle approved by the League of Women Voters of Monterey County after observing and participating in the process this last year:

  1. Strongly consider separate, independent commissions to make the decisions.
  2. Select commissioners in a non-partisan manner to represent diverse communities of interest.
  3. Exclude incumbency as a consideration in map-making.
  4. Educate both commissions and the public on the legal framework for redistricting and the tools for map-making.
  5. Minimize the number of deferred voters, i.e., those who will be unable to vote during an election cycle because of placement into a new district.
  6. Provide a separate redistricting website, clearly labeled and updated to include schedules for public input and contact information.
  7. Offer hybrid (in person and virtual) meetings for maximum public participation.
  8. Give public notice, including bilingual publicity, well in advance of each meeting.

Sharon Miller
Pacific Grove


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