The VOMB Squad: Episode 8 Ji Jacob Jun


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The VOMB Squad host Joe Livernois had no idea what to expect when he invited Ji Jacob Jun to join him for a podcast conversation. All he really knew about Jun was that he was a tech engineer teacher at Gonzales High School and had recently won a $50,000 prize as a recipient of Amazon’s Future Engineer Teacher of the Year. It sounded impressive.

But techies don’t often make for great conversations. They speak a different language, difficult to translate.

Jun is the opposite of all that. He’s articulate and he knows how to spin a yarn. He was a journalism student, after all, and he has a talent for storytelling. Jun is a proud and committed geek, but he’s a techie with a deep understanding of the world around him. His geek credentials include a pop-culture blog he produces called HyperGeeky and as a Podbean broadcaster with friends called Oh My Geek. He’s also a published fiction writer and he’s been working with industry partners to create an impressive curriculum at Gonzales High.


Ji Jacob Jun

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