Kadushin: Appreciate decisions based on available science

Thank you so much for your article on  Dr. Moreno and his shelter-in-Place orders.  It is refreshing to read a straightforward, unbiased report on him and his activities.

I receive daily “updates” from both The Carmel Pine Cone and The Monterey County Weekly, and have been struck by the extraordinary difference in tone between them when reporting on the status of COVID-19 in our County.  I “get” that there is a large political divide between their ownership, but the whining, self-absorbed tone of the former is both maddening and silly.
I also “get” the incredible financial catastrophe that has unfolded as a result of this pandemic and how many of our local businesses are horrifically affected.  There is a difference, however, between our lives and our livelihoods.  “Your money or your life?”
As a member of the “vulnerable” population, I resent the folks I see and hear about whose self-righteousness at being inconvenienced by practicing “social distancing” and wearing a mask puts my life at risk.
We don’t have boundaries between cities, counties or states that would enable us to “keep out” people who live in areas experiencing higher rates of infection and death than exist in Monterey County or on the Peninsula.  The job of the County Health Officer is to keep the residents of Monterey County safe and healthy.  That is what Dr. Moreno is trying to do and I appreciate his “conservative” approach.  I am grateful to him, and to our Governor, for making their decisions based on the available science, knowledge of infectious diseases and the experience of communities around the world.
Thank you again,

Karen D. Kadushin 

Pacific Grove

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