What the hell’s an AMP? VOMB Squad Episode 3


By the VOMB Squad

Joe Livernois has never really understood why his cable bill includes a charge for “Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels.” Or what an AMP is. But now, all of a sudden, Voices of Monterey Bay has partnered with Access Media Productions — or AMP — to produce The VOMB Squad podcasts. So it only makes sense that Livernois kicks off the podcast series to learn more about AMP. It does make sense, right?

Livernois invited Christine Winge and Sarah Pierce to explain it all for listeners. At the time of the recording, Winge was the executive director of AMP. She’s since gone on to take charge of Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula — and she took her collection of lava lamps with her, damn her! Pierce has replaced Winge, and she was learning the ropes when Livernois talked to them. As it turns out, Winge and Pierce are both Stevenson School graduates, which is apparently a pipeline to AMP. Also, Pierce runs a dog-friendly operation.

The VOMB Squad is produced in conjunction with Access Media Productions with the steady assistance of Noa Daniels, programs services manager at AMP. Many of the podcasts will tackle some of the issues we are following at Voices of Monterey Bay. Some of them will be conversations with local people who we think are interesting or cool. And some might take us far afield.

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