Coppernoll: Kudos to agencies working to solve Peninsula water issues

Let’s applaud Pure Water Monterey and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District for their visionary actions to provide an ample future drought-proof water supply.  Cal Am has failed to disclose that it cannot deliver water to Carmel Valley since it neglected to install required pumping stations. This means Cal Am cannot meet the Carmel River State Cease and Desist Order, notwithstanding its desal plant also failing due to lack of source water and water rights to the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin.

Marina Coast Water District and the citizens of Marina generously suffered street and traffic disruption to allow recycled water delivery pipe installation for their neighbors on the Monterey Peninsula.  Expanding PWM would be an invaluable service. 

PWM expansion is the only water solution that can satisfy the State mandated Cease and Desist Order.  It is the only regional water proposal that is reliable now to solve immediate and future water shortage challenges.  It provides Seaside Basin water storage while protecting the critically over drafted Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin aquifers.

PWM and MPWMD are our,  and Cal Am’s, heroes, our community water saviors. With one stroke of the pen, Cal Am can sign a water purchase agreement for PWM expansion, thereby counteracting its reputation for greed and lack of concern for its ratepayers.  

Please support the valiant efforts of PWM and MPWMD.  They only deserve our praise. CalAm shoots itself in the foot by undermining this environmentally safe, less expensive regional alternate water supply.  CalAm can, and should be, part of this win-win for all.

Margaret-Anne Coppernoll


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