The VOMB Squad: Episode One Monterey Rocks the Podcast

Welcome to premiere of The VOMB Squad, an occasional podcast from the Voices of Monterey Bay Podcasting network. This first podcast is Part One of Joe Livernois’s summary of Monterey Rocks, the 25-part series he recently concluded that listed the top rock-and-roll performances ever staged on the Central Coast.

The VOMB Squad is produced in conjunction with Access Media Productions with the steady assistance of Noa Daniels, program services manager at AMP. We expect to release a podcast two or three times a month. Most of them will be about the issues we are following at Voices of Monterey Bay. Some of them will be conversations with local people who we think are interesting. And some might take us far afield.

Part Two of “Monterey Rocks: The Podcast” will be released on Feb. 20.

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Joe Livernois

About Joe Livernois

Joe Livernois has been a reporter, editor and columnist in Monterey County for 35 years.

One thought on “The VOMB Squad: Episode One Monterey Rocks the Podcast

  1. Loved hearing stories about the top 25 rock bands in Monterey County!! Mom, Mae, took us to Big Sur FF 65-69, and all MONTEREY POP. and many more… Lol! And she went with a pal to Grateful Dead at Laguna Seca!!

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