The best ever? Not even close Monterey Rocks #1

| Graphic by Julie Reynolds


By Joe Livernois

The greatest all-time rock ‘n’ roll performance ever staged on the Central Coast?

Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival at the Monterey County Fairgrounds on June 18, 1967.

Because of course.

That is all.

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Joe Livernois

About Joe Livernois

Joe Livernois has been a reporter, editor and columnist in Monterey County for 35 years.

3 thoughts on “The best ever? Not even close Monterey Rocks #1

  1. Disagree. I saw Hendrix at the Pop Festival and thought his guitar-burning bit was just that, a bit, more showbiz than music. Of course a lot of his set was great, but there was too much pose throughout for my taste. In those days flashy gimmicks were out of style, and for good reason, imo. I’m not questioning Jimi’s artistry as a whole (that would be crazy), just that show. A far superior performance at the festival was that of Otis Redding, who I also saw. His set remains the best-ever performance of all the live performances I’ve ever seen. And yea, I know what you’re thinking: that was soul music, not rock and roll, and if that distinction counts, I can’t argue, but to me it doesn’t matter — that night Otis transcended all the boundaries.

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