Coppernoll: Where is the outrage over water deal?

During the Board of Supervisors’ July 15, 2019, appeals hearing, Chairman John Phillips accused Cal Am desal facility opponents of harboring animosity. True, we resent being coerced.  But the issue is much bigger than water supply. 

Fair representation is a democratic principle.  Founding Father Alexander Hamilton stated, “When injustice becomes law, protest becomes duty.” District 4 and 5 Supervisors, representing Peninsula residents who will be burdened with this $329 million desal plant, asked for delay or a subsequent EIR to consider new information not included in the California Public Utility Commission’s EIR. 

Cal Am’s lack of water rights to Marina’s water was never considered.  Voting against Peninsula supervisors were District 1, 2, and 3 supervisors whose constituents will not pay for this desal plant. Castroville in District 2 will benefit, but not pay. Why should Marina and the Peninsula have to pay to fix Castroville’s seawater intrusion?    

Where is the outrage over this injustice? The animosity Phillips referred to is a protest against unfair representation.  How can three supervisors, whose districts are not impacted by the cost or environmental damage of this project, dictate to Marina and the Peninsula that they must bear the cost for this unwarranted, exorbitant desal plant? 

Citizens, duty requires protest!

Margaret-Anne Coppernoll


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