Salazar: Solutions offered for Highway 1 traffic

I was heartbroken to see the photos in the article “Nightmare at Bixby.” I have been visiting Big Sur for close to 24 years ever since I visited for the first time on my 21st birthday. Big Sur’s appeal (to me anyway) is the beauty that is matched only by its tranquility – which by extension is afforded by its solitude.
Although tolls may alleviate some of the congestion, it may also make sense to position traffic cops at either end of the bridge and moderate some of the congestion.
If production of popular shows and movies is helping drive increased traffic, it would make sense to hike film fees and eliminate filming credits. The increase in fees can help offset the costs incurred by employing extra traffic cops.
If extreme measures are needed (and they might be), perhaps it would make sense to close off any parking spots that are popular among tourists.
Thank you,
Mario Salazar
Los Angeles

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