Gibson: Digging Deeper into the Green New Deal

By now, most everyone has heard of the Green New Deal, the resolution recently introduced in Congress by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey. Known as House Res. 109 and Senate Res. 59, polling has found the idea of the GND is viewed favorably by 81 percent of voters although when asked what is in the resolutions, 82% of those voters said they didn’t know.

What is the Green New Deal? Depending on which cable news’ outlets one frequents, you will get different answers. To some, it is ‘a pie in the sky’ plan that will take away our airplanes and cars and cows and smacks of socialism. To others, it is an aspirational and bold ten year plan to rapidly decarbonize our economy and combat the increasingly rising crisis of climate change.

Goals listed in the non-binding resolutions are a 40-60% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 and the achievement of net zero emissions by 2050. It promotes investment in infrastructure and quickly moving agriculture and manufacturing to renewables while offering protections for front line communities who pay the price of pollution and are most affected by climate change.

It may not be perfect, it is not legislation, but it is a start. And we are already behind in the race.

Will Gibson
Pacific Grove


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