Gotch: End-of-live option expenses ‘incredible’

Thank you to the producers and guest voices/participants of this fine podcast.  I remember hearing about Mr. Church’s experience from the reading at VOMB’s first gathering and fund raiser at Haute Enchilada.

As someone who witnessed as a young teenager in the early 1960’s my mother’s lengthy dying at home from the complications of colon cancer, I am close to the subject.  My mother’s sister, my aunt, who had taken care of my mom for the last 2-3 years of her life in our home, (my father had passed away 13 years earlier due to medical issues) many years later told me of my mom’s pleading with her to do something to help her end her life, which my aunt felt she could not do under the circumstances.  I’m moved to tears now by that recollection.

Something that stands out to me about this subject is the cost of the end of life options prescription drugs, stated in the story as being $3,500 to as much as $5,000.  Incredible. At a time when so many people are dying of unintentional and intentional opioid overdoses, when the super powerful drugs such as Fentanyl and carfentanil (many times more potent than morphine) are available on the street and at the pharmacy, why can’t a person just put a few Fentanyl patches on their arms, climb into a hot bath and have a stiff alcoholic cocktail as their final exit from life?  From what I understand that combination is lethal, and it sounds like it would be so much easier and less costly.

Thanks again to all involved in your thoughtful and important podcast.

Bill Monning for President!

Bob Gotch
Carmel by the Sea


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