Free night at PG Art Center on Feb. 1

A free public Gallery Night is open at Pacific Grove Art Center on First Friday- Feb. 1, 7-9 p.m., with refreshments and with music by Cleo.  Five ongoing exhibits will be open without charge:

— Warren Leenert’s “Non-Objective Reality” in the Dyke Gallery, showing art as a better part of nature, demanding your attention through line and shape.

— Elizabeth Miles explores the subliminal interface of memory, time, aging, and human relationship to the natural world in her Annand Gallery exhibit, “Within.”

— Also, come enjoy Louise Cardeiro Boyer’s vibrantly colored paintings in the Boyer Gallery, reflecting her time in Latin America through the use of raw textures and vibrant colors in her paintings,

— and Big Sur Charter School’s artwork in the Small Halls, embracing a love for everything within the sea and on the shore.

— A live, creative DUSK event will begin at 7 p.m. and tickets for that event are now available to purchase at . Dusk merges textiles, the expression of human form, music, sound and multilayered imagery in a live production.

— As always, many of the PGAC 17 resident studio artists will open their doors so you can catch a glimpse of how painters, printmakers, watercolorists, fabric artists and sculptors work in their private spaces.

— Visit the PGAC website at for full details about Art & Movement CLASSES for children, youth, and adults, current WORKSHOPS, Soul Collage® and more!


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