Headlines we expect to see in 2019


By Royal Calkins

Predicting events can prove challenging for even the most prescient, but we here at Voices of Monterey Bay are nothing if not forward thinking. Here are some of the local headlines we expect to see in the coming year.


Mozingo skips Carmel council meeting to prepare for British bar exam
Aquarium tweet calls sea lions “Pigs of the Sea”


Jerry Edelen reclaims DRO mayorship, declares martial law
Sand City annexes Seaside, raises sales tax
Carmel Mayor Potter proposes to hold council meetings at Il Fornaio


Mozingo sues himself
Cal Am discounts bills for water board members


MPC board bars trustees from north of Carmel
Supervisors Adams, Alejo exchange blows


Mozingo adds more assistant city attorneys as cost-cutting move
Sheriff Bernal spotted in Monterey County
Former county schools chief Kotowski opts to unretire


Trump turned away at Pebble Beach gate for lack of papers
Phyllis Meurer replaces Steadman as Cal Am spokesmodel


Salinas converts new police headquarters into homeless camp
Steve Dallas opens Ocean Avenue massage parlor


P.G. City Council declares itself irrelevant
Caltrans says work on Highway 68 bridge will start over
Cal Am hires AT&T as customer service consultant


Cannery Row Co. converts American Tin Cannery to casino/cannabis operation
Cal Am accuses PUC of bias against price gouging


Monterey police plan crackdown on anything that might result in actual arrests
To save paper, Monterey Herald drops vowels and punctuation


Former Marina water official Gustafson apologizes for failing to offend some groups
Del Monte Center slated to become Amazon warehouse


Marina marijuana activist Kevin Saunders lights hair on fire
County bans hiking on Toro Park hiking trails
Mozingo joins Trump administration as fact checker
Cal Am adds holiday surcharge to water bills

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Royal Calkins

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Contributing writer Royal Calkins has worked for newspapers in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Fresno. For the past couple of years, he has produced a local news and commentary blog, the Monterey Bay Partisan. He can be reached at calkinsroyal@gmail.com.

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