Will Gibson: A reality show that’s not reality

The recent episode at Donald Trump’s rally in Montana came to feature “the plaid shirt guy,” a high school student who was picked to stand on the stage directly behind the President. As his diatribe continued, Trump repeatedly made his usual preposterous and conspiratorial claims to the crowd.

In a narrow camera angle on national TV, the plaid shirt guy was predominant in the shot with only a dozen people. For the first part of the speech, he made animated facial expressions at the stupidity coming out of Trump’s mouth. Halfway through the speech, he was removed and replaced by another.

So, this is really happening, but it is not real. It is staged and produced like a reality TV show of which The Donald is very familiar. It won the Presidency for him and because it’s the only thing he is good at, he hopes it will allow him to hold onto his job for a few months more until Mueller issues his report.

As Obama said in his speech yesterday, this isn’t new, this didn’t start with Trump. Politicians have used these issues to divide and win elections for years. But it’s getting dangerous now, it’s getting to a point that we need to realize the leader of our country and the free world needs to be removed from office.

Will Gibson
Pacific Grove


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