Bill Hood: Journalists are not stenographers and cheerleaders


In the editorial page of the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch today, it asks what is the value of a free press? While excoriating President Trump for his relentless attacks on the free press in America, one of the most sacred tenets of our democracy, the editorial also introspectively examines whether newspapers are really living up to their responsibilities given to them by our founding fathers.

“We also are not stenographers or cheerleaders. Newspapers that would print only what politicians want them to report would abdicate their obligation to be impartial observers and to serve as a check on behavior that might otherwise lead to unfettered corruption”.

Strong words, to be sure. But I would hope that each newspaper on the Peninsula, and, of course, everywhere else, would take to heart and serve its readers with fair and unbiased coverage of opposing sides on major issues and strongly commit its positions and observations to what is true in the face of obvious lies.

The Peninsula faces many serious issues that are covered in different ways and to different extents by the print media. Now is the time to look inward and ask yourself if coverage of those issues are impartial, unbiased and as accurate as facts allow.

Bill Hood


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