Today’s News Quiz In solidarity against assaults on the press


By Joe Livernois 

Today, news organizations across the United States are carrying editorials to counter Donald J. Trump’s ongoing assault on the press. Voices of Monterey Bay joins our colleagues in solidarity.

Like our brothers and sisters of the Ink-Stained Wretchedness, we are of course offended by the cynicism of a politician who would blatantly resort to the rhetoric of an autocrat. But we are also aggrieved, and more than a little shocked, that so many people who call themselves Americans would swallow such rhetoric and, indeed, would heartily support the suppression of free expression.

Today’s “event” — the publication of editorials by news organizations in defense of a free press — was instigated by The Boston Globe. At least 200 organizations are running their own unique editorials, each reflective of the region they cover. The editorial writers will expound on the administration’s hate- mongering with eloquence, and their arguments will lead to a simple conclusion.

We’re doing something a bit different. Our editorial is actually a multiple-choice quiz. We will make no arguments, but we expect you will likely reach a simple conclusion of your own by the time you complete the quiz.

LETTER: Journalists are not stenographers and cheerleaders

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Joe Livernois has been a reporter, editor and columnist in Monterey County for 35 years.