Will Gibson: A higher calling for environmentalists

Many of us would probably label ourselves as environmentalists. We respect nature and don’t think it should be ravaged for just every economic opportunity that comes along. We recycle with zeal and may drive electric or hybrid vehicles. We belong and contribute to the Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy.

We may write letters to the editor advocating for the protection of a park or an open space or the ocean or the rivers. We might even take a stand and subsequently become an activist, especially if it is happening in our own back yards. Environmentalists are not afraid to wear their ‘green’ on their sleeves.

But the time has now passed where these smaller, personal, and only local actions will be good enough. Faced with the rapidly increasing existential threat of climate change, it is mandatory that all of the environmental community now coalesce behind demanding immediate action from their governments.

Whether you’re a 70’s tree hugger or a faith based advocate or a newly aware millennial, it is incumbent upon all of us to join hands and use our collective power to move beyond simply protecting the environment. We are now severely challenged to protect the planet, to ensure our survival as a species.

Will Gibson
Pacific Grove


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