Bill Leone: Applauding Ashton’s Courage

I am a straight, 77 year old guy, soon to be 78.  I work as a psychotherapist, & have been doing so for the past eleven years.
I was a teacher for 20 years for the MPUSD.  I started & ran a very successful local business for another 20 years: The Bagel Bakery.  I spent four years in the US Air Force with a Top Secret, Cryptographic Security Clearance (Before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), & before that I was raised in the Mean Streets of South Brooklyn (Bensonhurst:  a Mafia controlled neighborhood) among a group of rough & tough, dangerous Italian gangsters.
I just want to applaud your courage in telling your story (In Transition, May 24).  There are many young people in Monterey County, in California & all over the country, if not the World, who are looking for support, comfort & compassion in their struggle, just to be recognized as People.  Your speaking out will give them what they are looking for.  Please, keep up the good work.
Bill Leone, MFT

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