Ama Only memories are left; everything else disappears

By Sergio Enrique Torres

I sat down with my grandmother, who I’ve always known as Ama, to talk about her fondest memory. Her name is Enriqueta Madrigal Ayala, and she lives in Salinas.

I am a first generation Mexican-American born and raised in East Salinas, California. I’ve been a filmmaker all my life and I have imagined telling stories of my culture and upbringing for as long as I can remember.

Currently, I am a Senior Creative Editor/Producer for HBO Boxing content. I have been an editor/producer for over eight years in Los Angeles, and have worked with Disney, ABC, ESPN, VICE, Travel Channel, among others.

For me, the goal is to tell impactful stories about my community that enlighten and inspire an audience to pursue their own creative ingenuity. Additionally, it is important for me to show the world what this area is made of and the hard-working, strong-willed, jubilant type of people we cultivate.

Music credit:
“Dios Nunca Muere”
Himno Oaxaqueño
Macedonio Alcalá
Interpretado por Pepe Carlos

Sergio Enrique Torres

About Sergio Enrique Torres

Sergio Torres grew up in Salinas and is a filmmaker in Los Angeles.