Will Gibson: Stand Tall With Standing Rock

Standing Rock is standing up for us again. The indigenous people who rose to show their solidarity in protecting the water against the fossil fuel industry are now working on finding ways to move to clean energy replacements to help protect the planet. The SR Sioux Tribe with support from MIT SOLVE hosted an Energy Summit on January 12-13 in North Dakota.

Speakers addressed topics related to solar, wind, hydropower, fusion, and currency energies. With a federal government failing to work on solving the climate crisis, it becomes necessary for citizens and communities and tribes of all types to demand meaningful action on climate change. It is clear: we need to transition to a clean energy economy as quickly as possible.

The upside of the Trump Administration’s attack on the environment is the swelling of the ranks of passionate volunteers that are fighting back at a grassroots level and gaining traction. When those advocates approach cities and governing boards about their influence on pushing back on misguided policies, it can make a difference. Find a way to volunteer, for the children.

Will Gibson
Pacific Grove


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