Bill Hood: Journalism is Great, But Readers Need to Comment

I respect each and every one of you as excellent journalists who, over your careers as reporters and editors, have brought much-needed analyses and investigations that go beyond just repeating what is publicly seen or stated. You are carrying this effort on your current project and, so far, a number of your postings have been also excellent and informative.

However, I can’t help but be disappointed. Investigative journalism is a blessing, and any well-done journalism that gets to the facts and lays them out for the public to see are also blessings. But, as you all surely know, the readership on the Peninsula, and I am sure that also would include the Santa Cruz area as well, are articulate and concerned citizens who make efforts to have their voices heard as well. That interplay between the media itself and the supporters and opponents of what the media writes are pillars that strengthen and energize the First Amendment. Just being receivers of what others write is not as interesting nor as exciting as is active participation in the process.

On Royal’s blog, we could all do that — even if people were tired of seeing our names popping up with our opinions all the time. Even though I was one of those who offered my opinions probably way too often, I enjoyed it, especially when some other person would publicly berate my ideas. I miss it and hope that you change your postings that allow for candid, relevant and appropriate (you have the right to edit out those not worthy of publication) comments — it adds a lot to the process, and I feel it is lacking.

In any case, my best wishes to you all,

Bill Hood


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