Santa Cruz Completes Storm Drain Project

SANTA CRUZ — The City of Santa Cruz has completed four storm drain improvement projects in response to localized flooding that was impacting residences. Funded by Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, for approximately $125,000, these “gas tax” projects have strengthened the City’s existing storm drain system, allowing rainwater to better drain from the street making the roadways safer.

Friday, Jan. 12, brought completion of a connection for a substandard catch basin and replacement of a storm drain pipe that was broken on Taylor Street. These two issues were discovered last summer when Taylor Street was paved in the Measure H Cape Seal Project 2016.

In December, two projects were completed on Vista Bella Street in response to residents’ complaints regarding localized flooding that was impacting garage structures. In one location, a collapsed 8-inch storm drain pipe was discovered and upgraded with a new 12-inch pipe. The existing catch basin was also replaced with a newer and larger model. In a second location, a collapsed 8-inch storm drain pipe was discovered and upgraded with a new 15-inch pipe and a new catch basin was installed there for the first time.

A fourth storm drain project was completed in December on Owen Street where a new catch basin and 40-foot sewer pipeline were installed.

“We are grateful for the SB1 funding of these storm drain projects which not only makes our streets safer during winter, but also extends the life of the roadways,” said Public Works Director Mark Dettle. “I am happy to say that we have another $300,000 in SB 1 funds for projects this fiscal year, and over ten years the projected SB 1 total we will receive exceeds $18 million.”

SB 1 was passed last April and over the next decade will raise more than $50 billion for transportation projects in California. The money will be split equally between state and local projects. More information can be found at:


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