Will Gibson: Moving Forward on Climate Change

Many things trouble me about the Trump Presidency, but as a volunteer with a local climate group, none bothers me more immediately than the current administration’s demotion of climate change importance. To bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist isn’t an intelligent position.

Whether it’s cutting back and gutting the EPA or putting our lands up for sale through the Interior Department, going backwards on the issues should be something to be countered. Fortunately, in early December in Chicago, the North American Climate Summit, attended by 51 Mayors, did just that.

The Chicago Climate Charter was signed that seeks to allow cities to commit to the Paris Climate Agreement. Joining the American cities of Washington, New York, and San Francisco, were the Mayors of Mexico City, Vancouver, and Montreal. It was a concerted effort to say that cities would still lead.

We are faced with an existential threat to human habitation on this planet, possibly occurring by the end of the current century. We must all rise to the challenge of climate change and protect the future for our children and our grandchildren. We must lead locally if the federal government is failing us.

Will Gibson
Pacific Grove


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