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Estrella Zarate-Pacheco recently turned 15, and is an incoming sophomore at Salinas High School. She loves to help build and create foundations for her community through learning psychology, Japanese language, and philosophy to help empower those around her. She also likes to join programs such as the Young Voices Media Project to help build bridges among different communities. Some of Estrella’s short and long term goals include becoming fluent in Japanese, joining her principal’s student advisory group, and continuing to build healthy communities. She loves to eat beans and orange chicken, and if she could travel anywhere in the world to live, her destination would be Japan or Korea. Whether it’s Tokyo’s vibrancy or its peacefulness, Estrella enjoys it all. Along with Tokyo, Estrella would love to live in the city of Seoul for its great theatrical scene. (Richard Rojas-Rangel)

Richard A. Rojas-Rangel A 17-year-old recent graduate of Alisal High School, Richard Rojas is an incoming freshman at San José State University who would like to transfer to a University of California to earn his bachelors in computer science. He also has plans to earn his masters degree in Computer Science. Richard aspires to be employed in a large company as a computer scientist.  His biggest achievement this year was receiving the Taylor Farms scholarship to continue his studies at the university level. Rojas participated in various community programs during high school, such as working for Radio Bilingüe . This is Rojas’ first year participating in the Young Voices Media Project and he hopes to be more educated about journalism and interviews after finishing  the program. (Estrella Zarate-Pacheco)


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