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Welcome to Season Two: AFTER LIFE
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Art by Mara J. Reynolds

Four years in the making, our 10-part audio documentary launches November 21, 2022. This entire season focuses on the story of Gilbert Bao. While serving a life sentence, Gilbert helped lead a group of incarcerated men who have revolutionized the way we approach rehabilitation in California prisons.

You may remember him from Season One, Episode Five: A Gray Winter’s Tale, where he shared his recipe for making his grandmother’s tamales while still in prison.  And his story about it for Voices of Monterey Bay.

Now on the other side of his life sentence—and so much more—Gilbert joins us as co-producer for this groundbreaking project. He recorded tape, conducted interviews, and helped shape our entire production—creating a truly unique, first-hand audio documentary series.

Through the lens of Gilbert’s experiences, After Life explores how our criminal justice system reshapes communities, and how formerly incarcerated people like Gilbert are taking it upon themselves to step up where the system has failed to help people on the road to a new life, After Life.

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Julie Reynolds Martínez

About Julie Reynolds Martínez

Julie Reynolds Martínez is a freelance journalist who has reported for the Center for Investigative Reporting, The Nation, NPR, PBS, the NewsGuild and other outlets. She is a co-founder of Voices of Monterey Bay.