Gray Area Season Two is here! Welcome to After | Life Our audio documentary series launches November 2022

Join us for season two of Voices’ own Gray Area podcast, where we make documentaries for your ears. This time, we’ve followed one man with a life sentence who got an unexpected second chance at life. But before he came home, Voices correspondent Gilbert Bao helped revolutionize the whole concept of rehabilitation in the state’s prison system.  He and other incarcerated men in Soledad’s Correctional Training Facility took on the work of changing themselves — and with them, an entire prison system. This 10-part audio documentary series starts in November 2022.

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And while you wait, here’s a trailer for After | Life.

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Julie Reynolds Martínez

About Julie Reynolds Martínez

Julie Reynolds Martínez is a freelance journalist who has reported for the Center for Investigative Reporting, The Nation, NPR, PBS, the NewsGuild and other outlets. She is a co-founder of Voices of Monterey Bay.