Congratulations and welcome to a PUEBLO

Congratulations and welcome to the wide open space of community organizing in Central California’s Salinas and San Antonio Valleys! I am thrilled to learn about your beginnings, and your intentions for the future. As a long-time community activist who “cut my teeth” during the heady days of the Free Speech and anti Vietnam War movements at UC Berkeley in the 1960’s, now living in the high valley of the San Antonio above the long valley of the Salinas River, I applaud and support you.

I have participated in Greenfield and King City demonstrations over the past few years against immigration policies that separate families and dehumanize our undocumented neighbors. My activism continues and expands as awareness of the need for change intensifies, thanks to the emergence of groups like Black Lives Matter and PUEBLO.

I look forward to working with PUEBLO, especially in its goal of empowering our youth to move us forward toward the goals of equity and justice for all.
Susan Raycraft
Joe Livernois

About Joe Livernois

Joe Livernois has been a reporter, editor and columnist in Monterey County for 35 years.