Riley: Why the heavy investment in McShane?

Why is there such a heavy investment in McShane’s campaign for District 4 Supervisor to replace Jane Parker? It is over $850,000 and counting. What is all that money supposed to buy?

It’s not District representation. McShane’s base is Salinas and the valley, but most of the population is on the coast.

It’s not ideology. McShane was a Tea Party Republican a few years ago. He switched to Decline to State, then switched again about a year ago to Democrat.

It’s not issue based. McShane has promised many positions to many people.

It’s not business, not family, nor has he moved into Marina or Seaside.

McShane is ambitious and an opportunist. So why the heavy investment?

It’s for control! Financial interests always want influence, but the heavy investment in McShane is for more than influence. It’s for control. Investors want to guarantee that Salinas Valley interests can dominate County Government. It’s not enough to prevail 3-2 on most matters. Occasionally one will switch. But 4-1 is a guarantee for control.

If you want representation, or integrity, or a voice that is honest, relevant, transparent, informed and credible, vote Wendy Root Askew for Supervisor.

George T. Riley

George Riley is a member of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Board of Directors.

Joe Livernois

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Joe Livernois has been a reporter, editor and columnist in Monterey County for 35 years.