From the Fields to Washington D.C. VOMB Squad Episode 4

By The VOMB Squad

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Readers of Voices of Monterey Bay first met Pablo Martínez Perez in February, when Claudia Meléndez Salinas interviewed him after he attended President Trump’s State of the Union address. It was a great story, but we were eager to let Martínez tell the story of his journey from Oaxaca to Washington D.C. in his own words.

Martínez immigrated to the United States with his family as a child and started working in the Salinas Valley fields soon after. He is a Dreamer who never really got a proper education until very recently. He is now 33 years old, a student at Monterey Peninsula College who dreams of attending UCLA. Joe Livernois spent some time with him in the Access Media Productions studios and came away inspired by his story.

The VOMB Squad is produced in conjunction with Access Media Productions with the steady assistance of Noa Daniels, programs services manager at AMP. Many of the podcasts will tackle some of the issues we are following at Voices of Monterey Bay. Some of them will be conversations with local people who we think are interesting or cool. And some might take us far afield.

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