Coburn: Stadium impacts also include parking and seating

Great article.  However, it does not mention the additional seating in the stadium, and the loss of parking spaces.  Thus, it’s larger….more people, less parking. Surrounding streets in the neighborhood are narrow and winding.  Parked cars may prevent emergency access….noise, fire danger.  The lights, well, I HATE LED bulbs, and 80 feet tall……we should start a business selling blackout drapes.

Backstory, Molly (Erickson) fought the LED lights when Monterey first switched the streetlights.  The fact that it may be used, leased, for other purposes should be clarified.

I don’t live there.  Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock should have known that that many changes and increase of attendance would require an EIR.  It is common to claim a neg-dec, and hope no one is paying attention.


Katie Coburn

Joe Livernois

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