Tidewings Creative presents ‘Root, Unfurl, Expand: Celebrating Womxn’

CARMEL, CA — Tidewings Creative presents “Root, Unfurl, Expand: Celebrating Womxn” at the Lab in Carmel.This weekend of events, scheduled from March 15-17, 2019, features local visual artists Zoya Scholis and Jean Vengua, as well as performances in music and poetry from local musicians Holysea, Kristen Gradwohl and Valerie Guardiola. Artist Jamie Oksas, Professor Nükhet Kardam and local midwife and painter Leslie Drew provide insight, wisdom and expression through sharing their experiences in the arts.

“Spring is a season of growth and renewal, as well as expansion and rebirth. This event weekend is particularly moving, as many of the artists, musicians and speakers involved naturally came to focus on these conceptual themes in their work.  We chose to explore the idea of rooting, unfurling and expanding into ourselves as women, but also as human beings within a larger community,” says Daniela Estlin, organizer of the event.

The event weekend will begin Friday, March 15th from 7-10pm, with a spectacular night of music and poetry from a local, all-women lineup, featuring Holysea, Kristen Gradwohl and Valerie Guardiola.

On Saturday, March 16th from 6-10pm, the Lab will open part one of its spring exhibition, entitled ‘Ground’.  With this group of art pieces painted, cut and scratched, Zoya Scholis and Jean Vengua share a minimalist’s eye for mixed media: inspired by elemental forms—rock, water, fire, vibration—they work with line, color, and shape in various media to create subtle and bold compositions.  Saturday will also feature artist Jamie Oksas, as she DJs and shares curated music spanning decades of women musicians.  Small bites included with beer, wine and springtime cocktails available for purchase.  ‘Ground’ will be showing at the Lab from March 16th-April 5th, 2019.

On Sunday, March 17th, we will hear from two local speakers:  Professor Nükhet Kardam and local midwife and painter Leslie Drew.  Kardam will host a small workshop at 12pm entitled, “Practicing Sacred Creativity”.  At 3pm on Sunday, Leslie Drew will lead a slideshow presentation of women and birth in art from Ancient Egypt through modern artists.

$20 suggested donation for each event, which includes admission and small bites.  Beer, wine and cocktails available for purchase on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday’s series includes coffee, tea and small bites.

For more information, to speak with the artists, or for media inquiries, please contact Daniela Estlin at info@tidewingscreative.com.

About the Artists

Zoya Scholis: Scholis grew up in Monterey, Ca., studied Drawing, Painting and Art History with Mel Ramos, Enrique Chagoya and Dr. Mark Levy at CSUEB, graduating with honors in 1993. She taught elementary school until 2007 when she moved to San Jose where she began leading Art for Personal Growth workshops through Palo Alto Art center, University Art, Redwood city and Sunnyvale Adult Ed. In 2018 she returned to Monterey to refurbish her Seaside house and do counseling with art for children and adults. zoyart.com

Jean Vengua: Vengua was raised in Santa Cruz, CA. She studied art with Donald Roy Thompson and Howard Ikemoto at Cabrillo College, received her B.A. in World Literature and Cultural Studies at UCSC, and PhD in English at UC Berkeley. She has been a teacher, writer and editor for many years; she is now Co-chair of Asian Cultural Experience (ACE), Salinas Chinatown, lives in Monterey, and has happily returned to painting and collage-making. Her poetry collection, Corporeal, was recently published by Black Radish Books.

Kristen Gradwohl: Kristen Gradwohl, formally of Valley Soul, vocalizes ethereal melodies as her contemplative lyrical content paints portraits of the human condition

Holysea: Holysea’s earliest musical influences are The Indigo Girls, Alanis Morisette, and Joni Mitchell. Her ardent love of intricate melodies, inventive chord progressions and their cathartic effects on the listener and player alike inspired her early career as a jazz singer—hard to find a more evocative music than jazz.

Years of performing in bands with incredible ragtime and jazz musicians helped Holysea hone her performance skills in preparation for sharing her intimate art with the world. Holysea’s music is a reflection of her varied musical experiences melded with years of work as a marine ecologist, an in-depth graduate study of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a sensitivity to the world around her.

Valerie Guardiola: Valerie Guardiola is an artist and poet whose work absorbs the tradition of remembrance into daily practice. By creating situations and breaking the passivity of the spectator, she wants the viewer to become part of the art. She believes poetry is human: to be able to touch the work, as well as to interact with it, is crucial.

Her poetry and essays have been published in Pif Magazine, Soul Anatomy, Red Cedar Review, and The Voices Project, among many others. She also teaches poetry and has been a poetry curator since 2014, including annual events spotlighting local poets through performance, readings and visual art. She is a co-founder of the Emerging Artists Alliance and sits on the Board of Directors for the Osio Theater. She most recently published her second chapbook, Boomerang Thighs.

Valerie is a life-long daughter of the West Coast and lives in California where she enjoys drinking overly-priced coffee, spending too much money on records, and writing…always writing.

Nükhet Kardam: Prof. Nükhet Kardam has been a faculty member in the International Policy and Management Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) since 1993. She is in the process of writing a book titled “Playful Creativity” and has recently completed a nonfiction book, a memoir, about her family, “From Ottoman to Turk and Beyond: Shimmering Threads of Identity” which can be accessed at http://ottomantoturk.middcreate.net/.  This memoir blended her expertise in the social sciences with the history of her family during the demise of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of modern Turkey.

Nükhet Kardam and Ioana Ghimus designed and facilitated the workshop “Creativity at Work” in February 2018 at the Middlebury Institute for students and alumni, and they offered a second workshop on “Aging Creatively” at the MIIS campus in November 2018. Prof. Kardam is the recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award and is known for offering a comfortable and creative space for the participants of her classes.

Leslie Drew: Leslie Drew is a Jamesburg-based painter and midwife with over 35 years of experience in her field.  Her passion for midwifery and art has led her to craft her presentation on women, birth and art.

Jamie Oksas: Jamie Oksas has found dancing to be the quickest gateway to help her feel fully alive in her body.  She feels it is our collective birthright to gather together as a community to dance, have conversations, to pause and catch our breath together. The rhythm of music is the universal language that has the power to connect us all. She is excited to curate and weave songs by women from all over the world for the Root, Unfurl, Expand: Celebrating Womxn event for guests to enjoy.

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