PJH: Qualified Big Sur growers not on public lands

I have taken an interest in this story and have done research. Very pleased to see such an informative and balanced piece by Joe Livernois.

The smart organization and ethical intentions of Big Sur cannabis farmers is borne out by repeated conversations over time. The folks gathered in the organization and who will be included in the special “legacy” and sun-grown appellation will not be on public lands as suggested by Mr. Wright in his recently published letter to you. The product is reputedly excellent… methodologies and practices as important to the growers as it is to everyone else. Pride in Place and a truly respectful community is what I have found in my own interviews of these folks.

Please don’t let Mr. Wright’s remarks float out there without balanced counter. I hope that the July 10th meeting will approve the “legacy” plan and that the success of the proposed Appellation concept will positively influence much.

Chicago, Ill.

Joe Livernois

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Joe Livernois has been a reporter, editor and columnist in Monterey County for 35 years.